Friday, January 15, 2010

White Thunder's Second Race

We recently posted an entry concerning our madcap investment in 2 year old colt (now a three year old), "White Thunder," who was an also-ran in his first race at Aqueduct Park on "Boxing Day." Fresh from needed "gate work" after his slow start, White Thunder returned to Aqueduct to run in the sixth race on January 13th. So Lisa and I along with our local partners Joe and Thumper headed to the Beck Tavern's to watch the closed circuit telecast. Our managing partner, Renee Doyle advised she expected a better showing from our steed after he posted the day's fastest time in his Belmont Park workout.

This time, White Thunder broke well on a fast track and placed solidly fourth as he "thundered" down the backstretch. At the top of the stretch, he seemed ready to make a move on the leaders, but that did not materialize, and he ultimately finished sixth. Fifth place would have earned $800 and paid some feed bills. Still, his effort evidenced progress from his inaugural race three weeks ago. Later Renee advised us that a post-race endoscopy found mucus in White Thunder's lungs that doubtless prevented his finding that extra gear down the stretch. Antibiotics should clear that up quickly. Also the vet detected a trace amount of blood in his trachea so he will take lasix four hours before his next race. Renee figures our colt will race again in two to three weeks. She has to decide whether (1) to race against lesser competition (with correspondingly lower purses); and (2) to try a slightly longer race (1 mile 70 yards).

We're getting a taste for the myriad decisions and adjustments constantly required to elevate a horse to peak condition on race day. We have faith that White Thunder will do his best (Renee tells us he is very "professional"); all we need is a little racing luck!

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