Monday, December 28, 2009

White Thunder Debut!

We want to tell you about our newest adventure! At a Christmas party at our friend Joe's house, we learned that Joe and his buddy Thumper and some others who frequent Shifty's bar next door, the Beck Tavern, invest in racehorses. Thumper and Joe had previous success with a mare that has won a couple of races and they were looking forward to the first race of a 2 year old chestnut colt they had invested in named White Thunder. We were more than a little intrigued and asked for some more information.

To make a long story short - we are now owners of 5% of White Thunder!

His first race was December 26 at Aqueduct in New York. It was a race for New York bred 2 year old horses who had never won. The excitement mounted as we headed over to the Beck for the 2:48 post time. Thumper and Lynn, Joe and Sherine and others anxiously awaited the closed circuit telecast.

Bill, Lisa, Lynn, Joe & Thumper

Aqueduct had received lots of rain and the track condition was rated "good." White Thunder, a 60-1 long shot, had the number 2 post position and entered the gate calmly. Unfortunately, the number 6 horse wouldn't load and the rest of the horses had a long wait for the bell. After what seemed an eternity, they were off. White Thunder broke flat footed and was trailing from the start. We cheered our steed on mightily but he couldn't make up the lost ground. White Thunder finished 9th out of 12 horses.

We were disappointed but Thumper and Joe reassured us that we should hang on to race another day! Our managing partner, Renee, tells us that White Thunder recovered well and is in for some additional "gate work." We are already looking forward to the next race in a month or so!

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  1. Bill & Lisa

    Mike and Sharon Huntley would get a kick out of your horse story. They used to own a few horses and had some great aspirations such as racing in the Kentucky Derby. You might want to talk with them to get some tips.

    Jerry White