Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Retrospective: The 1964 PGA-Columbus Country Club,

Joe Campbell was a three time tour winner. I
snapped him teeing off on 2 in the '64 PGA.

I have always been partial to old pros past their prime who are trying to catch lightning one last time. One who certainly fit that category in the '64 PGA was 48 year old 1947 PGA champion Jim Ferrier. Big Jim had a quirky dipping action that nonetheless produced effective results. Right, Ferrier, attired in not so sporty red sox drives off Columbus C.C.'s par 5 18th. Having driven into the right rough, Ferrier hits his second below. In '64, old Jim made the cut, but finished well back in the pack.

Walter Burkemo (below) was a true match play
specialist having won the PGA once and finishing
runner-up twice when the event was contested at
match play. He had a good stroke play
tournament in Columbus
in '64 finishing tied for 16th.


Below: driving off on number 11, is Ken Venturi
then in his prime. Just a month earlier, Venturi
captured the U.S. Open in an emotional victory
at Congressional. In form and attire, he emulated
his idol, Ben Hogan (above) (compare Venturi's
position at impact with that of Hogan).

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  1. Do you have any photos of Bobby Nichols? We are renaming our biggest tournament at the CCC after him and rescheduling it to coincide with the PGA every year. Thanks.