Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting To Know You!

Let us introduce ourselves. Bill is an attorney, recently retired from a law firm in Columbus, Ohio. Lisa is also an attorney and works for a large insurance company in central Ohio. We just got married in November, 2008. We live in an historic urban neighborhood called German Village in Columbus, Ohio.

We love sports and many of our adventures center around playing and watching. We love to travel both globally and locally. Some of the places we've visited in the last 12 months include England, Aspen, Houston, Boca Grande Florida, the Hocking Hills and Youngstown,

We love to watch as well as play golf and many of our posts will reflect that. We also enjoy college and professional sports. We've canoe, hike, fly-fish, bike, bowl and we;ve even tried curling.

We hope you will find our adventures as interesting as we do!


  1. A couple that has fun together, stays together....enjoy!

  2. This will be fun to follow you guys...but I continue to notice that you have not visited the sports capital of the world for two very important sports...BASKETBALL and HORSES!!!! So when are you going to plan a visit to the Bluegrass???

    Have fun and I'll be checking out the blog.


    Suzie and Mary too!